Kodak Black Wants Trump To Be The President Forever

While the Jan. 6th hearings are scheduled to continue for the next month, Kodak Black makes it clear that he would like to be able to see Trump in the White House. It’s not a matter of fact it’s no secret that Yak is a huge fan of former President Trump. United States after Trump gave his pardon and freed the former president from prison shortly before the end of his sentence.

In the wake of the 4th of July, Kodak Black shared a video on Instagram in which he gave an overwhelming endorsement to Trump. Yak said that the American government should be set up similar in the same way as Russia or China with Trump as the president of the United States.

“We must have Trump in office for as long as we can Man. Similar to how Chinese or Russian as well as Korean muthafuckas have their presidents. Trump is the best thing for America I got me, certainly. I appreciate that boy’s reasoning, his setup and the whole list of facts even if he doesn’t release me,” he said. Yak continued to say that Trump would have taken Brittney Grinerback home by calling him”the “GOAT.” In the end, Yak said that he believes Trump required a new term in order for achieving his goals in politics.

“When you’re in office for four years, it’s not enough time for a n***a run around and all the work they have to accomplish,” Kodak said. “By the time they’re completed, another mothafucka is in the office, and he’s all fucked up. My dog needs some time to get to what he’s doing in real.”

Take a look at the video below.