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How to get free gems in Stumble Guys



Here’s how to get an account full of Gems and Stumble Tokens at Stumble Guys!

Stumble Guys Gems - Infinite Gems
Learn how to earn free Gems on Stumble Guys in a simple and easy way without having to buy Gems! That is, you will be able to earn all the game currency (Stumble Chips and Gems) within the game!

Full of news, added both on Halloween and World Cup themed… Stumble Guys has been receiving a lot of new content with a great frequency, which makes it necessary to have a lot of Gems and Stumble Tokens to not leave any skins, emotes or animations win back!

See how to get free gems at Stumble Guys
Earn Gems and Stumble Tokens with the Stumble Pass
Stumble pass, or the Stumble Guys Season Pass has two versions, paid and free. As much as the paid version is the one that gives the most rewards to the player among them, the most desired, skins and emotes… in the free version of the pass it is possible to get 150 gems and 30 Stumble Chips without spending anything, just playing.

Stumble Guys Lucky Round

Meanwhile, the paid Stumble Pass which costs 1200 Gems will return 400 Gems, which added to the free version totals 550 Gems, and 70 Stumble Tokens, added to the free pass totaling 100 Tokens. The best thing about the paid pass, however, is the other rewards higher than the free one, legendary or special skins, emotes and animations.

How to complete the Stumble Pass
Stumble Pass – Stumble Guys
Stumble Pass – Stumble Guys
How to complete the Stumble Pass? Simple! Just play, the more matches you play the more you will be able to level up your pass. Wins level him up faster, but we all know how hard it is to finish first against 31 other players.

A tip is, enjoy the beginning of the pass, always play a little bit before the end of the season, you will get all the free rewards. Accumulated with the Gems acquired in the daily free spin, you get the amount of Gems needed to buy the next pass.

Earning Free Gems in Stumble Guys Lucky Round
Stumble Guys Lucky Round

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