Bryce James Is Almost As Tall As LeBron In Striking New Photo

LeBron James will be heading to his 20th year as a player in the NBA and there’s no doubt that the fans are excited to see what type of basketball he will provide us. James will be 38 years old of age this year. However, there is a chance that he’ll continue to be among the top five players within the NBA. There has never been a player with this much longevity previously, and there is the possibility that he’ll eventually have the opportunity to play with his children Bronny Jr. as well as Bryce Maximus.

Bryce is only 15 years older, yet he’s close to LeBron’s height. In a new image which became viral on Twitter it appears Bryce is about the same height as LeBron who stands 6’8″. As you can observe, Bryce is missing just two inches, which would put Bryce the High School baller at 6’4″ or something similar to.

NBA Twitter was instantly enthralled by this image as thousands of people commented on Brryce’s NBA prospects. Many consider that Bryce is more skilled over Bronny and that should any of them be going to get into the NBA then it’s going to the name of Bryce. There is a belief that Bryce is the only one with the characteristics of becoming an NBA star, though it is definitely an enormous amount of pressure for one who was just on their junior Varsity team in the last season.

Whatever the case, Bryce has LeBron to consult for advice The child is definitely being prepared for success. It will be interesting to see whether or not he will make the NBA.