Tristan and Isolde | Film Reviews

Tristan and Isolde | Film Review

Tristan and Isolde | Film Review

This film is definitely no ordinary film, it’s very well equivalent to Romeo and Juliet and much better because it portrays it’s adapted time very well than the modern Romeo and Juliet which I didn’t quite like it destroyed time although the drama was very good, but there were some characters which were just excellent and charismatic to watch. You might also compared it to films like King Arthur, Gladiator, Troy and Kingdom of Heaven. The film is very dramatic, modern and fast. It’s not exactly a very action film, it’s very romantic and quite calm especially when the two lovers meet which could sound strange since the film is set in medieval times.

Tristan + Isolde film is a romantic story directed by Kevin Reynolds adapted from the Dark Ages legend of an English prince (played by James Franco) who is rescued back to health by the daughter of the tyrannical Irish (Sophia Myles). Both countries being at war puts their very passionate love in an impossible risky situation which can only end in tragedy. Tristan’s recovery from what could have been the end of his life returns home, only to return back to Ireland to acquire Isolde as a bride for his king in a fighting tournament unaware of her true identity. This particular event greatly influences the future happenings for both lovers and their countries following epic battles, betrayal and deception.

Sophia Myles is a truly a beautiful woman and playing this role suited her very well. As a actor she was very convincing I was definitely capture in the moments of her appearances. Her strong love for Tristan and longing for freedom was well played. The film ends tragically and heartbreaking, not exactly a fairly tale I would say. But this is definitely a must see film, it’s definitely one of the best love story films ever made. You really have to see it if you have not.

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